Insurance is often thought of as an optional extra in the area of personal and business finance – a “nice to have” which can offer protection if things go wrong but certainly not as an important asset in its own right. However, it’s true to say that clever insurance planning is a strategy which can protect the vital asset of your ability to earn an income – perhaps the most important asset that you have.

Of course, with so many different types of insurance policies out there, the key challenge lies in working out exactly what
type of insurance can add the most value to your portfolio and offer you the most benefit.

If you are serious about ensuring robust protection for your finances and your family, here are the three main areas of
insurance that you should consider:

Life insurance

Term insurance offers temporary protection of around 10 to 30 years, usually with an option to renew or convert your policy at the term end. On the other hand, permanent insurance lasts for a lifetime and often offers a death benefit which is payable to your beneficiaries.

Living benefits

This term covers a range of insurance policies, as follows:

  • Disability insurance offers income protection against injury or illness which means that the policyholder cannot work and earn an income.
  • Critical illness insurance covers many common illnesses such as cancer and strokes and offers lump sum payments upon diagnosis.
  • Long term care insurance is often used in later life to insure against the possible need of becoming dependent upon others for your care and can pay for care facilities or care providers.

Although many individuals receive some form of living benefit from their employer, it is recommended that they enhance this policy to ensure that they benefit from an appropriate level of cover which suits their income and financial needs

Understanding your insurance values

It could be said that your personal values dictate the type of insurance that you take out, reflecting what is important to you in their professional and personal lives and how you best want to protect such assets.

The key to smart insurance planning is making sure that your insurance portfolio perfectly matches your financial and life priorities and objectives.

Talk to us, we can help with what makes the most sense for your situation.